SONIC glue


1-3 sec drying time

For beginners & advanced lash stylists

SONIC glue

SKU: 0009
  • Ritzy Eyes Sonic glue is an amazing choice for everyone- beginner, intermediate or experienced lash therapist.

    Drying time 1-3 seconds. Sonic glue is an amazing alternative to super-fast drying glue when humidity is higher than normal. In that case, the drying time of Sonic glue reduces to 1-2sec.

    • Medium viscosity
    • Perfect drying temperature 19°C-23°C (1-3s)
    • Perfect drying humidity 50%-65% (1-3s)
    • Lasts 4-5 weeks
    • Great for a humid and warm environment
    • Discard after 1 month once opened


    However, Ritzy Eyes cannot take any responsibility, if for any reason glue isn’t working or it is not lasting for the client. Reasons for that could be:

    • Working in the hairdresser’s salon
    • Not ventilated room/ salon
    • Improper preparation of natural lashes
    • Improper application
    • The glue dries too fast for a technician without even noticing 
    • Improper aftercare
    • Improper storing of the glue
    • Not shanking glue properly before application
    • Not changing glue drop regularly