PRIMO glue


0.5-1 sec drying time

For advanced Lash Stylists

PRIMO glue

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  • PRIMO glue makes every lash technicians life so much easier! An amazing glue which suits both, Russian Volume and Classic eyelash extensions application!

    For advanced lash stylists only!
    PRIMO GLUE has super fast grab! Dries within 0.5-1sec and is very easy to work with! Every lash stylists dream come true when it comes to smooth and very fast lash application!

    The retention results are amazing too [can last up to 6 weeks if aftercare instructions are followed properly]! It is perfect for the weather we are having, the temperature range is from 18-29 degrees Celsius; Humidity ranges from 45% – 65%.

    However, Ritzy Eyes cannot take any responsibility, if for any reason glue isn’t working or it is not lasting for the client. Reasons for that could be:

    • Working in the hairdresser’s salon
    • Not ventilated room/ salon
    • Improper preparation of natural lashes
    • Improper application
    • The glue dries too fast for a technician without even noticing 
    • Improper aftercare
    • Improper storing of the glue
    • Not shanking glue properly before application
    • Not changing glue drop regularly