Temperature & Humidity reader


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  • Your glue 'know-how' starts with Hygrometer readings!

    We are delighted to stock a range of Hygrometers to choose from at Ritzy Eyes online shop. Hygrometer reads the room temperature and humidity at your lash studio in seconds! in other words, the hygrometer is a fancy thermometer and humidity reader in one! As you probably know, these two factors are of very high importance when it comes to well lasting eyelash extensions.

    Controlling the Humidity and Temperature will improve your work conditions!

    If you have spent time in getting to know the conditions your lash adhesive works best at, and most likely you are the Lash Guru that knows the following: too low humidity in the room will increase the drying time for the adhesive, and same applies to the room temperature if it is too low - will add time to the drying of the adhesive, will add unnecessary time you will waste on 1 client alone! If you know the ideal work conditions of the glue you use and if you try to match it - you will work most efficiently and stress-free too! It will also improve the retention of eyelash extensions - and who wouldn't like that?! Temperature reader and humidity reader is the way to go if you want to achieve that!

    Hygrometer - every serious lash stylists best friend!

    Every serious lash extensions stylists know to check the readings at the beginning of their work day, and adjust the factors, accordingly, so they could work seamlessly! Hygrometers we sell are very easy to use. It only requires batteries to be inserted and you are good to go!