1-2 sec drying time

For beginners & advanced Lash Stylists


SKU: 0008
  • Drying time 1-2 seconds. Atomic glue is a super-fast drying glue so it requires a temperature of the room 17°C – 23°C and humidity of 55%-65%. In this temperature, the glue has the strongest abilities to work and bond well. If temperature or humidity is too high you will find glue drying extremely fast, which can cause retention problems. In that case, use a little more glue to ensure a perfect bond.

    • Very light viscosity
    • Perfect drying temperature 17°C-23°C (1-2s)
    • Perfect drying humidity 55%-65% (1-2s)
    • Lasts 5-6 weeks
    • Discard after 1 month once opened
    • Shelf life 6 months

    However, Ritzy Eyes cannot take any responsibility, if for any reason glue isn’t working or it is not lasting for the client. Reasons for that could be:

    • Working in the hairdresser’s salon
    • Not ventilated room/ salon
    • Improper preparation of natural lashes
    • Improper application
    • The glue dries too fast for a technician without even noticing
    • Improper aftercare
    • Improper storing of the glue
    • Not shanking glue properly before application 
    • Not changing glue drop regularly